Linear Lighting

         Amerlux, a design-and-manufacture lighting company, has announced its expansion of the linear lighting family that essentially eliminates availability and installation headaches for contractors, designers, and building owners.  Amerlux’s new Quick-Line Recessed 4″ Linear is an architectural-grade LED fixture that delivers on the promise of speed, low cost, and high quality, while adding another design option.  Sold in middle-of-run segments, Quick-Line is stocked on the shelf in standard lengths, standard color temperatures, and standard lumens per watt, which allows the product to ship in as little as 72 hours.  It’s also easier to install and provides much better control of the light, compared to commodity goods, which is highly beneficial for contractors and owners. 

         In a collaborative effort, Amerlux’s production and engineering teams created Quick-Line after receiving feedback from architects, contractors, and design-build firms.  For contractors, Quick-Line’s LED board is held in place with magnets that require no tools to remove or replace, saving contractors time so they can quickly move on to their next job.  For design-build firms, Quick-Line provides performance and lighting control that help elevate their designs at a favorable price point, reducing upfront costs.  For building owners, Quick-Line means projects done on time and on budget. 

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