Eureka®, a provider of decorative lighting solutions, has announced the release of the Cliff luminaire.  Ideal for illuminating exterior façades, entrances, yards, and terraces while adding a modern edge, Cliff is a minimalist, wall-mounted luminaire that enables multiple design options in the same compact package. 

         Cliff’s angular shape combined with its light distribution pattern creates a strong architectural feature.  It can be installed in two different vertical orientations, encouraging designers to play with the luminaire silhouette to create a composition.  Available in single-light or dual-light direction, Cliff luminaires can be arranged to create different lighting patterns to meet aesthetic or functional needs of a space.

         Able to be used indoors or out, Cliff is built to withstand the elements.  Manufactured with a durable, heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing, and with a sealed integrated driver, Cliff luminaires are IP65 and ULWET rated.  Additionally, with a depth measuring less than 4”, Cliff is suitable for ADA-compliant environments.

         Cliff luminaires are offered in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K CCT.  The dual direction is available in three outputs ranging from 904 lumens to 1,688 lumens.  Single-direction Cliff luminaires have two output options of 778 lumens or 1,048 lumens.  Phase dimming and 0-10V dimming is available.  With all the options offered, Cliff enables designers to switch things up.  In daylight, the simple geometric shape makes a statement, and at night, it creates unique light patterns.

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