New Office

         Ware Malcomb, an international design firm, has announced they have moved into a new, larger office space in San Diego, California.  The move was driven by the growth of the firm’s local employee and client base.  The firm’s presence within the dynamic San Diego market continues to expand with its second growth-driven office move in less than a year, and Ware Malcomb is well positioned to provide its clients with a growing array of design services now and into the future.            

Ware Malcomb’s new downtown San Diego office incorporates the latest in interior design trends, as well as the firm’s own design standards.  The entry to each Ware Malcomb office conveys a hospitality feel, providing an open and inviting welcome punctuated with iconic pieces of furniture.  The color palette, finishes, and materials reflect the Ware Malcomb brand colors of vibrant orange with white and grey accents.  The work environment fosters collaboration while also allowing for privacy and focused work.  It includes different types of workstations, some with adjustable desk heights, to provide a variety of work options and cater to different work preferences.  In addition to implementing the firm’s design standards across its offices in North America, Ware Malcomb’s in-house Branding Studio also incorporates unique branded graphics in each regional office that reflect the local community and surrounding area, as well as the office’s client base.  

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