CertainTeed®, a manufacturer of building materials, has announced the launch of SmartFlash® ONE, a one-component, UV-stable, fluid-applied resin for steep and low-sloped roof flashing details and repairs.  SmartFlash ONE offers roofing contractors an economical and convenient waterproofing solution in a ready-to-use, re-sealable can that requires no measuring or mixing to activate.  The ability for SmartFlash ONE to be applied without a primer and resealed for future use gives contractors an edge in terms of time, cost, and ease of installation.

         SmartFlash ONE delivers one-part labor efficiency with two-part performance.  With no primer or component mixing, contractors can work quickly without fear of the product setting up too fast or going to waste.  Additionally, CertainTeed is so confident in the stress resilience and UV stability of the formula that we’re supporting the product with up to 20 years of warranty coverage, which is in line with the coverage afforded to two-part solutions.

         SmartFlash ONE resin is available in a five-gallon pail, which provides 125 sq.ft. coverage, or a one-gallon pail, which provides 25 sq.ft. coverage.  The one-gallon pail is available on its own or as part of a pack that includes resin, fleece, and application accessories. 

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