Suspension Systems

         EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc., has announced three types of KINETICWALL® standard suspension systems for wind-driven façades: Drop-In, Pin-Mount, and Rod-Mount, plus custom options.  Suitable for both small and large-scale projects, EXTECH’s KINETICWALL suspension systems are paired with its flapper-panel designs, adding dynamic movement to building enclosures and wall systems.  Popular applications include transit and parking facilities, cultural institutions, and artistic installations.

         All of EXTECH’s wind-driven, dynamic façade systems support a wide variety of flapper sizes and materials including metal, polycarbonate, PTFE, and PVDF films.  The spacers between the flappers reduce the collateral noise.  During repair or maintenance operations, the flappers can be removed and replaced without any specialized tools.

         For optimal cost and performance value, the KINETICWALL Drop-In suspension system is recommended.  In this configuration, the T-shaped kinetic flappers easily are inserted into a specially designed rung extrusion system, significantly reducing the amount of time and labor required for installation.

         The KINETICWALL Pin-Mount suspension system allows the flapper elements to seemingly float in front of the support rungs and side rails as a veil.  This configuration minimizes the appearance of the supporting structure.  The Pin-Mount system allows for mixing flapper shapes to create unique geometric patterns and for installation at various mounting points, facilitating changes in kinetic activity.

         KINETICWALL Drop-In and Pin-Mount suspension systems accommodate a 90º range of motion.  Offering a 360º range of motion for the individual flappers, the KINETICWALL Rod-Mount suspension system allows for intermittent views through the kinetic façade.  The Rod-Mount design minimizes the appearance of the horizontal supporting structure from within the building.  It also permits increased airflow and promotes passive cooling in climates that are not susceptible to freezing.  The vertical side rails are more prominent within the façade and the flappers can be replaced with simple tools.

         Depending on the specified flapper material, the KINETICWALL system also helps manage unwanted solar heat gain inside the building.  Coupled with natural ventilation and natural light, the dynamic system can assist in lowering electric and HVAC loads thereby reducing energy use.  Buildings that operate efficiently and keep occupants more comfortable with temperature, light, acoustics, and views, are applying sustainable design attributes recognized to contribute to people’s productivity, performance, health, and happiness.

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