Brick Catalog

         Glen-Gery, the 130-year-old premier brand and award-winning manufacturer of brick and stone products, has announced the release of its new 76-page brick catalog.  Now available to the architectural design community and building industry, the catalog presents Glen-Gery’s distinctive brick collections and wall systems.

         Glen-Gery, part of Brickworks North America Corporation, has a diversified portfolio of domestic and globally sourced exterior and interior building products.  The catalog, which is available for download on the company’s website, features all of Glen-Gery’s nine unique brick collections and color options, which include Handmade, Glazed, Klaycoat®, International, Molded, Thin Brick, Extruded, Sioux City Brick®, and Paving.  Through Glen-Gery’s unique import opportunities, made possible through Brickworks, the company can service the growing demands of the design-build industry for exclusive brick products.

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