Shingles & Panels

         CertainTeed®, a North American brand of sustainable building materials, has introduced the next generation of its Cedar Impressions® siding: Double 7” 3G Straight Edge Perfection Shingles and Cedar Impressions accent panels, now offered in new colors and shapes.  For 27 years, the Cedar Impressions family of shakes and shingles has remained a top choice for its beauty, versatility, and long-lasting curb appeal. 

         The 3G profile is engineered to provide superior aesthetics, simplified installation, and enhanced performance.  New features include slanted, tapered gaps with deeper shadow, high-definition texture and an offset corner to replicate a woven appearance.  The new double-course panel provides more coverage and requires fewer fasteners than single-course siding.  This means that installers can easily comply with social distancing measures because fewer people are needed per job.  They can also spend less time on each jobsite and complete more projects as the industry gets back on its feet.

         The new profile also boasts CertainTeed’s signature installation features, such as continuous lock, EasyMeasure™ tape measure, engineered side tabs with lead-in, HammerTapper™ hammer assist pads, SureStop™ to prevent hard nailing, hidden drainage holes, friction dots to support the panel, reverse texture backing, and the built-in PanelThermometer™ temperature spacing indicator.  Plus, it’s hand-snip friendly for easy trimming.  For homeowners, the updates offer innovations to protect and elevate their investment at a time when every dollar counts, including durable, weather-resistant materials and the latest deluxe color and design trends, which can be mixed and matched for a distinctive look that will last for years to come.

         Cedar Impressions Double 7” 3G Straight Edge Perfection Shingles are made in the United States, are available nationwide, and come with a lifetime limited product warranty.  Online resources, such as virtual learning, design inspiration, installation technique improvement videos, digital sales resources, and more are available for contractors and homeowners.

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