100 Years in Service

         Hope’s® Windows, Inc., a manufacturer of custom-designed, solid hot-rolled steel and solid bronze window and door systems, has announced the Steel Window Institute (SWI), of which it is a member, celebrated 100 years in service to the steel window and door industry.

         Since its inception in 1920, SWI’s mission has been to serve the manufacturers of windows and doors made from hot-rolled purpose-made steel sections while working to demonstrate the benefits and attributes of steel windows and doors to architects and other design professionals.  Today, the member companies of SWI represent more than 300 collective years in the industry, allowing SWI to serve as an unbiased authority on technical, promotional, and other matters that pertain to the ever-changing needs of the steel window and door industry.

            Over the years, SWI has worked tirelessly to develop and maintain numerous technical resources, including the Steel Window and Door Specifications and Detention Specifications.  These specifications provide clear instructions on the intent, performance, and construction of steel windows and doors.  They also establish a standard of excellence by including rigorous testing to meet air, water, and structural requirements to ensure a high-performing, quality product.  SWI’s specifications have been recognized by government agencies like the United States Department of Defense.

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