Senior Living

New Retirement Community Takes Shape in Scottsdale, Arizona

by Marc Dodson, editor

From Architectural West Sep/Oct ’13

It’s an example of senior living at its finest.  The Maravilla Scottsdale, a SRG Senior Living Community, is located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, right next to the Fairmont Princess Resort and the TPC Scottsdale golf course.  From the beginning, the project was on the fast track, requiring all trades to work together simultaneously to complete this new construction project on time.  The general contractor was Weitz Construction, Phoenix, the distributor Allied Building products, Phoenix, and the roofing contractor selected for this project was Roofing Southwest, Phoenix.  Roofing Southwest is a full-service roofing contractor, tackling both residential and commercial projects since 1971.

         R.J. Radobenko, vice president of sales and marketing at Roofing Southwest, noted that the job was very challenging.  “Since this was a fast-track construction project, all trades were walking on each other.  It was a tight, confined space.  Some of buildings became land-locked, making it very difficult at times to load the roofs.  Coordinating with all the trades was essential.  Stucco and landscape were being completed before the dry-in of all the wood roof decks.  At one point, roofing access was tough because of the giant palm trees being put in at the same time as our crews were working.”

         The job entailed 240,000 sq.ft. of roof, utilizing BITEC MAT-40 as an underlayment for the Redland two-piece clay tile, three-color blend, in mud set.  In addition to the tight quarters, Radobenko noted that the project required quite a bit of cut-in detail, and the eaves were particularly challenging.  “The roofs had a large amount of detail work with turrets, valleys, rakes, ridges, eaves, and open rafters.  Since this is a high-end complex, the aesthetics were very important to the owner and the detail portion of the project was very meticulous.  The owner’s representative was very finicky about the right proportion of color tile in each area.  In many areas, he asked us to remove the already installed roof tile and replace it with another color.  There was also a 20% mud-set boost to the field, hips, ridges, and eaves.  There was a 9-13” stagger in these areas as well,” stated Radobenko.

         Mike MacVittie, Allen + Philp Architects, Scottsdale, the architect on the project stated, “Maravilla has been a singular experience in my career:  a large project, impressively detailed, with support from an owner unusually attentive to seeking a high level of quality.  The design considerations, too numerous to list, were decided based on value to the residents, first and foremost.  One very nice aspect of the design process was the luxury of enough time to work through every design parameter thoughtfully.  A particularly fascinating aspect was working with a consulting ‘colorist’ hired by our client to develop the exterior materials and colors to an extent to which I have never experienced before.  This project has an exceptional clay tile roofing installation, in both color and detail, and a better than average sprayed foam application.

         “Of course, there have been obstacles, but none that have not been sorted out.  One particularly new issue was the impact of the severity of the construction downturn on the supply chain for the procurement of construction products.  Few products could be shipped off the shelves and, in fact, required a number of what seemed to be manufacturing ramp-ups.  Even with these challenges, Maravilla opened up on time and on budget.  Has the project lived up to everyone’s expectations?  Absolutely.  I especially enjoy the occasional conversation with residents pleased with this change in their lifestyle.  Ultimately, that aspect is the biggest satisfaction in the designing and building of such a project.”

         BITEC western region manager, Matthew Smith, was brought in to check the surfacing of MAT-40 that was exposed for 120 days.  Because there was no degradation change to the surfacing of the MAT-40, the product was given another 60 days exposure guarantee by BITEC.  This was during the summer with prolonged exposure to the scorching Arizona sun.

         Radobenko adds, “I feel our crews did a superb job dealing with the logistics, schedule, and complexity of the project.  Not just any roofing team could have completed this project given the duration and logistics.  Our guys stepped up, as they always do, and delivered a high-quality, leak-free project to the owner and general contractor.”

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