Earth Architecture

         For almost 10,000 years, unbaked earth has been used to build remarkable structures, from simple dwellings to palaces, temples, and fortresses, both grand and durable.  Princeton Architectural Press has published The Art of Earth Architecture by Jean Dethier, a landmark global survey that was 50 years in the making, which demonstrates the wide-ranging applications and sustainability of this building material, while presenting a manifesto for its ecological significance.  

         Featuring raw-earth masterpieces, monumental structures, and little-known works, this definitive reference includes the temples and palaces of Mesopotamia, the Great Wall of China, large-scale urban developments in Tenochtitlan in Mexico, the medinas of Morocco, and housing in Morocco and Colombia.  With an interdisciplinary approach that combines ecology and technology, archaeology, and history, the story is presented within its political, economic, and social context from the French Revolution to the American counterculture, passing through the two World Wars, the Wall Street crash, the Cold War, the evolution of the Third World, and the rise of ecological awareness.

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