Roof Course

         Boral Roofing LLC, a provider of durable and energy-efficient roofing systems, has introduced a new CEU course to educate architects on steep-pitch roofing.  The Engineering a High-Performance Roofing System for Steep-Pitch Roofs course aims to provide guidance and continued education to design professionals on the materials and practices to enhance the performance of steep-slope roofing.  The course is available to participants now through Hanley Wood University.

         Participants in the steep-slope roofing CEU course will closely evaluate steep-slope roofs and examine practices that improve roof performance.  Learners will explore best practices in detailing steep-slope roofing systems to mitigate water, ice, or weather damage to the structure.  After completion of the course, design professionals will be able to identify key characteristics of roofing systems that help prevent roof deterioration and damage, which also help to provide protection to the occupants within the structure. 

         The course covers a number of key steep-slope roofing knowledge areas, including: sequential layout options for steep-slope roofing assemblies; decking materials and considerations; underlayment material and design options; roofing materials; attributes of a high-performance roofing system including composition, construction practices, and life cycle; best practices in detailing steep-slope systems to help mitigate special conditions; and design conditions.

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