Roof Underlayment

         Polyglass® U.S.A. Inc., a manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, has announced the release of Polystick® P, an advanced self-adhered roof underlayment specifically designed for metal roofs and other high-temperature applications.  Made from elastomeric modified asphalt, Polystick P can withstand temperatures up to 250ºF.  It features a high tensile-strength top surface containing a proprietary skid-resistant pattern for sure footing.  The bottom surface consists of a high-temperature compound that is self-adhered for quick, accurate application. 

         When properly installed, Polystick P creates a watertight seam thanks to a rubberized asphalt bleed-out along the edge, creating effective waterproofing against the elements.  Each roll comes protected by siliconized split-release paper providing easy self-adhered installation, and the self-adhered compound easily forms a seal around nails.  Also, because the underlayment is rated for exposure up to 180 days, contractors can use it confidently on works in-progress.

         Specially designed for high-temperature applications, Polystick P is an ideal underlayment for metal roofs like steel and copper, as well as mechanically attached roof tiles and other roof coverings.  It easily attaches to skylights, valleys, and other flashing areas.  Use it in confidence as its own underlayment or as part of a multiply underlayment system.

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