Technoform has added a high-profile, plastic hybrid stainless steel (PHSS) warm-edge spacer to its Spacer M family of durable high-performance insulating glass edge seal solutions.  With a profile height of 8mm, this is the tallest PHSS spacer available for high-performance insulating glass units in energy-efficient window, door, curtainwall, and façade systems. 

         Technoform spacer solutions improve the overall thermal performance, reduce the risk of condensation, and enhance the appearance of fenestration systems in commercial and residential building applications, while maintaining the benchmark durability and structural performance of traditional metal box spacers.  PHSS spacers by Technoform are composed of a high-performance engineered polymer with a thin low-conductivity stainless steel backing to minimize heat transfer, and to maximize protection against gas leakage and moisture penetration.

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