Wallcovering Patterns

         DuPont™ has introduced the newest pattern additions to the DuPont Tedlar™ Wallcovering Avant-Garde collection.  Inspired by nature’s essential building blocks, roccia and travertino are the latest seasonal patterns in the Avant-Garde collection, giving designers even more stone and metal options for a strong, durable look indoors.  The stacked-slate look of roccia has Italian-inspired names ranging from light patterns like grigio to darker shades with blue undertones found in azure.  A familiar texture in the travertino design features colors such as the elegant Ivory and the sturdy black shade.

         In addition to contemporary aesthetics, Tedlar Wallcoverings are cleanable and resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.  Third-party laboratory tests show that Tedlar® film does not support or provide nutrients to assist mold and bacteria growth.  Tedlar Wallcoverings are ideal for high-traffic spaces, like hotel lobbies, restaurants, waiting rooms, medical facilities, and workplaces.  This protective wallcovering is also scratch and stain resistant to help maintain a finished look longer. 


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