Waterproofing System

         New from W. R. MEADOWS® comes HYDRALASTIC 836 SL, a single-component, cold-applied, solvent-free, water-activated, waterproofing system.  HYDRALASTIC 836 SL cures to form a tough, flexible waterproofing membrane for both above-grade and below-grade applications.  It will not crack in extreme cold or flow due to softening at high temperatures. 

         HYDRALASTIC 836 SL is formulated to self-level on horizontal surfaces to make application easy and reduce labor costs.  In addition to this economical and time-saving element, HYDRALSTIC 836 SL cures with the addition of water in as little as two hours and can be recoated the same day for two-coat applications to reduce labor and open projects quicker.  When stored indoors in original, unopened containers at recommended temperatures, HYDRALASTIC 836 SL can be stored for one year from the date of manufacture.  Another notable feature of HYDRALASTIC 836 SL is that it offers a decreased probability of blistering due to outgassing from the concrete when properly mixed and applied per manufacturer’s instructions. 

         HYDRALASTIC 836 SL is recommended for wherever a low-VOC, easy-to-apply, seamless, dependable waterproofing membrane is needed and is especially excellent in waterproofing plaza decks, elevated composite decks, and in between-slab or split-slab applications.


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