Board of Directors

         Michael Stevens, principal at Dykeman Architects, an architectural firm located in Everett, Washington, has been elected to the AIA Seattle, Washington, Board of Directors.  Stevens has been with Dykeman since 2007, and the firm specializes in bringing imagination and efficiency to everyday destinations.

         “I’m delighted to participate in AIA Seattle at the Board of Directors level and look forward to fostering opportunities to promote a mutually influential relationship between Seattle and the north Puget Sound region architectural communities,” said Stevens.  “I believe AIA Seattle has a relevant voice in public policy issues as they impact the built environment.  Continuing to exercise that voice in a proactive and consistent manner is paramount to our profession.”

         Stevens’ responsibilities as a director will include representing the goals, programs, and positions of AIA Seattle to the public, the media, and policymakers, and maintaining effective communication and interaction with AIA at the state, regional, and national levels.  Stevens takes on this role of leadership and governance alongside his responsibilities as a principal at Dykeman, where he strives to cultivate lasting relationships with clients through collaborative design.  He excels at listening to the goals of his clients, interpreting their desires, and ultimately transforming their dreams into creative, functional design solutions.  He holds a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

         Dykeman Architects is proud of Stevens’ achievement.  The firm is hoping this will continue to help them assist in providing higher quality resources, such as continuing education opportunities for their staff and the larger design community, and be a key component of the broadening resource availability to the regional architectural community.

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