Cold-Climate Dwellings

         From the ski slopes of Utah to the frigid tundra of northwestern Russia, Snowbound celebrates contemporary design in cold climates with a focus on sustainability.  Tailor-made for architects, designers, snowbirds, and aspiring second-home owners, this tour of 20 dwellings is equal parts escapist photo essay and practical sourcebook, with immersive photography; architectural plans; and location, climate, and building-systems data.

         Architectural historian William Morgan documents winter dwellings and trekker cabins from high-profile firms like MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple and rising stars like Scott & Scott.  Readers are transported to beautiful, pristine, and, in some cases, remote locations in the snowier regions of the world.

         Morgan is an architectural writer based in Providence, Rhode Island.  He has taught about cities and their history at Princeton, the University of Louisville, and Roger Williams University.  He is the author of Louisville: Architecture and the Urban Environment.

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