Hoist Accesories

         Safety Hoist™ Company has introduced a new line of innovative product accessories.  Safely and securely lift tiles, buckets, bricks, construction materials, tools, and so much more with the new Utility Tray.  Two models make this accessory compatible with any Safety Hoist laddervator.  Each Utility Tray comes standard with a pair of deck extenders and a pre-assembled steel fabricated tray.  Not only does the Utility Tray expand your deck width by 18”, it extends your lifting possibilities. 

         The Hoist Standoff is an accessory manufactured to solve major problems associated with using a hoist.  Stabilize your hoist and prevent damage to the roof, siding, gutters, and roofing structure of any building using Safety Hoist’s fully adjustable standoff accessory.  The Hoist Standoff clips directly on to the track rung, allowing the carriage full, uninterrupted operation.  The Hoist Standoff is a strongly recommended safety addition to your Safety Hoist or any platform hoist.

         The new and improved Flat Panel Solar Cradle accessory mounts on any existing Safety Hoist unit, making it more versatile than ever.  The lightweight yet durable frame is extremely portable and quick to set up.  No special tools are required for assembly or operation.  The Flat Panel Solar Cradle features the same one-person operation you have come to expect with all of Safety Hoist’s products, except now you can safely lift up to six solar panels at a time.


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