Metallic Building Company, a supplier of custom-engineered metal buildings across North America, has announced its incorporation of Mid-West Steel Building Company, a provider of metal building systems in Texas and New Mexico.  The new company name is Metallic™ Building Systems.  Metallic will celebrate its 75th anniversary next year and Mid-West has been in business for 50 years, which totals 125 years of expertise and relationships that leading builders and contractors have trusted for generations.

         In a complex and ever-changing business landscape, builders can trust Metallic Building Systems to consistently manufacture proven, high-quality products that are easy to erect, and are delivered on time and within budget.  Former Mid-West customers will notice changes in the form of improved efficiency and growth opportunities.

         The network includes access to the Builder’s Gateway, which provides builders with real-time account information and business leads, as well as estimating tools, a design library, marketing resources, training opportunities, and more.  Ensuring customers’ continued success is critical to Metallic Building Systems and its parent company, Cornerstone® Building Brands, Inc., a manufacturer of residential and commercial exterior building products.

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