FlexScreen®, a manufacturer of flexible window screens, has announced a new strategic partnership with Saint-Gobain ADFORS, an international manufacturer of high-performance construction and industrial materials.  This global partnership grants Saint-Gobain ADFORS exclusive rights to sell FlexScreen products within the retail and dotcom channels.

         FlexScreen is innovative in design, strength, and ease.  Built with high-performance spring steel and damage-resistant frames, FlexScreen offers residential and commercial consumers the most efficient and effective method for installing window screens.  Free of attachment hardware, FlexScreen eliminates the struggles associated with installing traditional screens, which often cause bent aluminum, scratched paint, and broken hardware.

         As the Centers for Disease Control continues to recommend opening windows for proper ventilation of both residential and commercial properties, window screens increasingly play a significant role in the safe reopening of the world’s brick-and-mortar economy.  By partnering with Saint-Gobain, FlexScreen will continue to empower a new generation of infrastructure that is award-winning, safe, cost-friendly, and backed by science to provide effortless installation, beautiful invisibility, and simplistic design. 

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