Task Lighting

         Lumetta®, Inc., a provider of custom-designed, decorative, commercial lighting solutions, has announced the addition of Task Lighting to its collection of products.  The contemporary task lighting solution offers strong illumination and even distribution of light, which eases eyestrain and makes for a more pleasant work environment.  With its classic shape and proportions, the series looks expensive but is surprisingly affordable.  It’s functional and fashionable and widely used for general lighting applications, contributing better light to perform tasks than ambient lighting.

         Established in 1992 and specializing in custom-designed commercial lighting, Lumetta is a national leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative, high-quality, decorative lighting solutions for commercial applications.  Lumetta’s team of lighting engineers and design experts work with professionals in all commercial sectors, including medical, hospitality, education, government, retail, office, and transport hubs, ensuring complete satisfaction and the best quality and professional service for all your commercial lighting needs.  Most of Lumetta’s fixtures are made using its proprietary Lumenate®, a material designed and used exclusively for the company’s luminaire shades.  Lumenate is antimicrobial, washable, and fade resistant.  It is designed to bring out vibrant colors, hues, and patterns and is fully customizable to match colors and display custom graphics.


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