Wall Membranes

         Hunter Panels is fortifying its portfolio of polyiso wall products with the addition of the Xci VP-SA WRB, a membrane for use in above-grade wall assemblies.  Designed to be adhered directly to Hunter Xci Polyiso products, this weather resistive barrier (WRB) provides critical defense against air and water.  Moreover, the breathable, self-adhering rolls provide building professionals with a simple, efficient way to bolster building envelope performance and provide maximum protection.

         The specially engineered WRB is fully coated on one side with a permeable adhesive protected with a silicone release liner.  The self-adhering membrane is quickly and easily applied to Hunter Xci Polyiso products.  Once adhered to the substrate, it protects vulnerable points such as seams between polyiso panels and fastener penetrations.  Xci VP-SA WRB is also approved for use with many NFPA 285 compliant assemblies, including the newly introduced Xci AEGIS Wall System™ from Hunter Panels.


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