Virtual Design Library

         Wilsonart® has announced a new collection, The Connected Collection, available in the company’s boutique Virtual Design Library (VDL).  Based on a separate but connected story, Wilsonart’s in-house designers drew inspiration from the exploration of how individual surface designs with threads of similarities can work beautifully together in a choreographed manner, while also able to stand on their own in a given space, resulting in breakthrough looks.  The new VDL release includes 16 abstracts and unique woodgrains, specially selected to coordinate with each other.  The collection’s inherent connections make it easy to experiment, mix, match, or even use each design individually.

         Wilsonart’s VDL offers the design community a more inspirational design choice in the high-pressure laminate market.  The collections are continually released and curated from Wilsonart’s designers in conjunction with the broader design community.  Now with nearly 600 designs and more launching each quarter, the VDL offers unprecedented design choices for commercial and residential applications.

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