Police Station Upgrade

New Location & New Buildings Enhance Police Department in Maui, Hawaii

by Marcus Dodson, editor & publisher

From Architectural West Sep/Oct ’14

The construction of a new Kihei Police Station (KPS) in Maui, Hawaii, provided a huge upgrade from the 2,400 sq.ft. space they had occupied in the town center.  The new two-story building offers 68,000 sq.ft. of space with additional amenities.  Construction included a 60,000 sq.ft. two-story main building and a 6,000 sq.ft. one-story central plant building.  F&H Construction, a California-based construction company with offices in Hawaii, served as the general contractor.  Beachside Roofing, Oahu, Hawaii, was chosen to install the roofs for the new buildings.  Due to the size of the project, the roofing took place in two phases.  Beachside Roofing did the initial insulating and waterproofing, which took approximately three weeks.  First, Mule-Hide 3.1″ polyiso insulation from ABC Supply, a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core laminated to glass fiber reinforced felt facers was laid on the roof, followed by Polystick® TU Plus, by Polyglass, a homogeneous rubberized asphalt waterproofing underlayment fiberglass reinforced, with a high strength polyester fabric on the upper surface, designed specifically for use as a tile underlayment.  Polystick TU Plus is ideal for use in new construction where tiles may be stacked on rooftops for extended periods of time as in this project where the insulation and waterproofing were completed, then the roofing contractors left while other subcontractors installed eaves and gutters.  Once these were completed, Beachside returned to install the roofing tiles.

         Gary Nakatsuka of Mitsunaga & Associates, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii, was the architect for the Kihei Police Station.  He chose MCA Clay Roofing Tile in weathered green.  He used Classic two-piece Mission Pan and Cap tile for the first course of tile.  Roman pan tile is an architectural legacy of ancient Roman and Greek artistic design.  Re-creating the traditional flat Roman pan and pairing it with high-crown Classic Mission Tops, captures this timeless architecture.  The Classic two-piece Mission style uses 180 pieces per square.  After the first course of two-piece tile, Nakatsuka switched to the MCA one-piece Classic S Mission style.  This gave the illusion of the two-piece pan and cap, while using the cheaper one-piece style.  Having only 90 pieces of tile per square, the Classic S Mission style provided a tremendous labor savings, as well as cost savings.  The main building used approximately 400 squares of tile, with approximately 100 square of flat roof, in four areas.  The smaller building required just 20 squares of tile.  The color chosen by Nakatsuka was weathered green blend, a Cool Roof Rating Council approved color.

         The biggest challenge on this project was the wind.  According to Kevin McKiernan, Beachside Roofing, “It was generally windy in Kihei and then the trade winds came in every afternoon about one o’clock.  Trade winds in Kihei are strong.  Getting the paper down was hard.  But, foam is really hard to apply in that kind of wind.”  The new location of the KPS was in a higher, unprotected area.  “We had about ten guys on the crew, so, maintaining secure, no-fall protection was critical,” stated McKiernan.

         The design of the new facility had four separate flat roof sections.  These were finished with a white EPDM roof with 3.1 Iso and DensDeck® DuraGuard Roof Board from Georgia-Pacific, fastened with screws and plates manufactured by Mule-Hide from ABC Supply.

         Rodney Kalama, project foreman, stated, “Scheduling was a challenge, but, all the subcontractors worked well together to finish the job.”  This project required that the contractor prepare the site; then build the structure.  Beachside came in and waterproofed the buildings so construction inside could continue.  Once the eaves and gutters were completed, the installation of tile took place.  The Kihei Police Station is not only functional and a remarkable upgrade, it is also beautiful.

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