Membrane Solution

         Duro-Last ®, Inc., is pleased to introduce the industry’s first custom-cut roll good membrane solution, Duro-Last X™.  Manufactured with the same formulation as Duro-Last membrane, Duro-Last X is available in 10’-wide rolls that can be custom-cut up to 200’ in length.  This customization provides contractors with enhanced efficiency on roll good installations, dramatically reducing T-Patches, end rolls, and scrap.  

         The Duro-Last X membrane is ideal for contractors seeking the convenience of roll good solutions coupled with the customization of custom-cut lengths.  Available in 50 mil, 60 mil, and 80 mil thickness, Duro-Last X features a smooth matte finish and is also available in standard roll lengths.  Additionally, Duro-Last X is compatible with Duro-Last’s complete line of custom-fabricated accessories and qualifies for the Duro-Last supreme warranties, which offer coverage for consequential damages on commercial installations.

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