Glass Roof

         As early as 2019, LAMILUX developed a glass roof that could withstand fire and heat for up to 30 minutes.  Now, LAMILUX, a skylight and fire protection specialist, has succeeded in extending this protection for people, property, and buildings with the new LAMILUX Glass Roof Fire Resistance REI60.  

         For at least 60 minutes, the fire-resistant glass roof ensures that flames do not spread to other parts of the building in the event of a fire.  The glass roof also holds back smoke.  The skylight LAMILUX Glass Roof Fire Resistance REI60 combines the properties of LAMILUX glass roofs with the special fire protection characteristics.  The construction piece can be installed as a pitched roof up to 80ยบ.  Thanks to improved thermal insulation values and isothermal processes, it contributes to an optimized building energy balance and also ensures a high daylight yield.  In this way, the new fire-resistant glass roof also takes account of the LAMILUX climate offensive, which strives for more light, more air, and more climate protection. 

         LAMILUX has been manufacturing high-quality skylights made from plastic, glass, and aluminum for roughly 70 years.  Architects, construction engineers, planners, and roofing professionals use LAMILUX CI Systems when building industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and industrial shed complexes as well as private residences.  The purpose of these structures primarily consists in optimizing the use of natural light and guiding it into building interiors.  Fitted with controllable flap systems, they also serve as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems and energy-efficient building systems providing natural ventilation.  The unique LAMILUX CI Systems range includes a wide variety of different structures, from rooflight domes and continuous rooflights to glass roof constructions in aesthetically pleasing shapes.  The company also offers considerable expertise in developing and manufacturing building control systems for activating and automating both smoke and heat exhaust systems and ventilation and solar protection installations.

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