Sto® Corp. has announced the launch of StoVentec® for masonry veneer façades, a new offering in the StoVentec line of ventilated rainscreen cladding systems to support thin brick masonry veneer cladding.  The latest introduction is part of Sto’s ongoing effort to expand their array of unlimited design flexibility with a broad range of architectural surfaces.

         Following standard procedure with a new product introduction, Sto is conducting full system testing.  In particular, they are testing the sheer bond strength of industry standard thin brick masonry veneer products with Sto’s masonry adhesive. 

         Sto is an innovative designer and producer of building materials tailored to human needs.  Sto is committed to developing next-generation building solutions that provide endless aesthetics in concert with the company’s fully engineered wall systems.  These include continuous insulation cladding systems, rainscreen systems, prefabrication solutions, air and moisture barriers, coatings, and restoration solutions.  Sto has been the choice of architects, engineers, and contractors for more than 40 years and the company’s employees are advocates for technical mastery in pursuit of a sustainable built environment.  


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