The Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) has announced the certification of six new commercial secondary window systems, including four interior storm window products from LARSON® Manufacturing, two interior and two exterior products from QUANTA, and two window insert products from Indow® Windows.  Secondary windows offer a significant, cost-effective opportunity to address energy performance and comfort in commercial buildings and reduce energy costs.  For mid to large-size commercial buildings with low-performing windows, secondary windows can achieve similar performance to full window replacement in a cost-effective manner. 

         QUANTA, a manufacturer and marketer of architectural Low-E storm windows, has certified The QUANTAPANEL® 600 Series, which installs on the interior, and the QUANTAPANEL 700 Series, which installs on the exterior, with AERC.  QUANTAPANEL Insulating Glass Systems are used in single-family homes, as well as commercial and multifamily buildings. 

         LARSON Manufacturing has certified four interior storm window models with AERC, including: I200E; I500E; and I600E single-hung, fixed, and sliding storm windows in the ComfortSEAL® product line; along with the I900C Commercial Insider Window, all with Low-E glass.  Indow has certified both their Standard and Acoustic Grade Window Inserts. 

         AERC launched the Commercial Secondary Window program late last year alongside its existing residential products certification program.  AERC recognized the potential of secondary windows and prioritized the development of a commercial rating and certification program in order to provide the industry with credible data on the energy performance of these products.  The commercial secondary windows program adopted similar, rigorous performance metrics used by AERC’s residential program including U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient, visual transmittance, and air leakage. 

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