Removable Base Foot

         Cascade Rooftop Screens continues to make improvements to its versatile screen systems.  The newest innovation to its Simple-Frames is a removable base foot that improves onsite installation flexibility and decreases the cost of shipping.  This welded foot and tube are easily attached to Cascade’s Simple-Frame onsite using Teks® screws.  The feet can be turned just prior to assembly, so they are inline with the direction of the roof-framing members.  This means that designers and installers gain the luxury of greater flexibility during installation.

         These removable feet are also a perfect option for roofing professionals who want to install prefabricated closed-pipe boots on site.  Boots can be tricky to protect during fabrication and shipping when pre-attached to frames.  By providing removable feet, onsite installation becomes an option that removes any trickiness during fabrication or transit.

         Cascade’s removable base feet make its Simple-Frames more compact during shipping.  This reduces the amount of space used on pallets and trucks, bringing the cost down for clients transporting frames from warehouse to jobsite.  Cascade Rooftop Screen’s removable base foot option illustrates the company’s mission to provide new solutions for the roofing industry that improve simple and easy installation at a competitive price. 

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