Nova USA Wood Products, Inc., a supplier of high-quality hardwood products and accessories, has introduced a new line of ExoDek® QuickClip® hidden fasteners that expand and contract with the natural swelling and shrinkage of hardwood and softwood decking products as well as PVC and composite deck boards. 

         The ExoDek Quickclips were specifically designed for Nova’s line of premium hardwood decking products like ipe, Batu, Cumaru, and mahogany.  Exceptionally easy to install, the new hidden fastener system was developed after years of scientific testing to specifically ensure that deck boards remain securely fastened through all four seasons and greatly reduce the possibility of inadequate or uneven spacing and loose, buckled, and/or damaged boards. 

         Designed with glass fiber-reinforced nylon, the new ExoDek QuickClip hidden deck fastener system is perfect for ensuring the long-term structural integrity of high-end decking projects.  With the ability to secure up four to five rows of decking at a time and fit easily into grooved deck boards, the clips can also reduce installation times when compared to similar systems.

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