Product Review: Here We Go

Omigo™ says it has an elegantly obvious solution to an ancient problem.  Is it possible to stay sanitary while simultaneously helping the environment?  Toilets have undoubtedly changed a lot over the years.  From bushes to buckets to our current commodes, society has always seemed to go with the flow, no pun intended.  Looking to the future, however, Omigo has revolutionized a household necessity and turned it into a luxury experience that’s also good for the environment.  The Omigo Hi-Tech Bidet Seat helps save the environment, save money, reduce pain and discomfort, and improve hygiene. 

         Toilet paper is a $30 billion industry in America.  The average person uses 57 sheets per day, which equates to over 100 rolls per year, or 384 trees in a lifetime.  For those of us that love a soft, quilted roll, the damage is even worse.  I’ll never be able to look at those cuddly Charmin® bears the same way again.  There are tremendous economic and environmental challenges that come with fueling our dependence on toilet paper.  All of this information made me ask myself: Is there a better way?  Omigo is telling me yes, there is.

         The features on the Omigo Hi-Tech Bidet Seat are impressive, which include: silver ion nozzle sterilization, massaging nozzle oscillation, warm air dryer, activated carbon deodorizer, dual stainless-steel nozzles, endless warm water wash, heated seat, wireless remote control, eco mode, blue LED night light, soft-closing seat and lid, and a generous three-year warranty. 

         A few people in our office were worried about an unwelcome cold-water surprise, but instead they were amazed to find the stream of water was always warm.  Omigo’s tankless heater provides fast heating and consistent warm water for every wash.  Similarly, since more than one person was using the Omigo, the ability to set controls based on each person’s preference, which remained private to each user, was loved by our staff.  Once the warm water wash is complete, users are treated to a quite pleasant burst of warm air.  Many in our office were relieved that there was a built-in deodorizer that pulls air out of the bowl through a revolutionary carbon-block filter.  Omigo washes its nozzles before and after every use, plus it has silver ion sterilization.  All in all, the Omigo seemed to have something for everyone on our team.

         Installation was easy, considering the Omigo is an impressive piece of home technology.  Designed for owner installation, it took a little under 20 minutes for us to install in our office.  Our location had an outlet nearby, but those without this option can easily run a medium GFCI extension cord along their baseboard.  The Omigo system connects easily to a flexible water hose situated under the toilet’s tank, and uses the same fresh water as your nearby sink or shower.  For a product that’s going to be used multiple times a day, Omigo’s stainless steel components and accompanying three-year warranty are helpful.

         The Omigo Hi-Tech Bidet Seat is an elegant addition to any home or office.  Not only does it improve hygiene and help the environment, it also makes your restroom have that futuristic Star Trek feeling.  Follow our lead and break up with toilet paper.  Then, start a new relationship with the Omigo Hi-Tech Bidet Seat and ride the wave into the future of bathroom technology.

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