Product Review: A Modern Amenity

Cleansing Seat Reduces Waste & Increases Style

by Ali Turner, editorial assistant

Do you want to enjoy the luxuries that come with a bidet, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a complicated and costly installation?  We’re right there with you.  That’s why we took the KOHLER® Cleansing Seat (C3-455) for a spin in our office.

         Now, we’ve had our fair share of luxury toilet seats and bidets come across our desks, or rather through our bathrooms.  However, it’s safe to say that the newest technology in hygiene is completely changing the game for brands such as KOHLER.  Gone are the days of simple wash-and-dry toilet add-ons, and instead they’ve been replaced with modern, elegant cleansing solutions that are tailored for multiple users.

         Users can enjoy a hybrid heater that provides continuously heated water; a sleek, handheld remote control with two programmable user presets; front and rear wash modes with warm water; adjustable water temperature and water pressure; the choice between oscillating or pulsating spray; five temperature settings for the heated seat; LED lighting in the bowl for a cool, night-light effect; warm-air drying with adjustable air speed and temperature; automatic deodorization; an ergonomic design; and much more.  Sanitation is an important element of any bathroom, and KOHLER’s Cleansing Seat does not break down in that department.  The seat is equipped with a stainless steel wand with automatic UV-light sanitization, effectively cutting down on the need to clean the device manually.

         As expected, the KOHLER Cleansing Seat requires a connection to a toilet water supply line, but all of your necessary hoses and connections are included in the product’s packaging.  Additionally, a dedicated electrical GFCI circuit is required.  Our team had no issues installing the seat ourselves.  With a couple of screwdrivers and some elbow grease, the KOHLER Cleansing Seat was installed in just a few minutes and was ready for use.

         After its first day in use, our staff was quite excited about the new, luxurious throne within the office.  Never before has the bathroom been such a topic of conversation at the water cooler.  Of course, having a cleansing seat on your toilet is a wonderful way to help reduce single-use waste, but it’s also simply a wonderfully pleasant and satisfying addition to a bathroom.  A Quiet-Close™ lid closes slowly and quietly, reducing unexpected slamming.  Quick-Release™ hinges allow the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning when necessary and grip-tight bumpers add stability and prevent the seat from shifting. 

         KOHLER’s Cleansing Seat has a futuristic, sleek look that is a welcome addition to any home.  The night-light effect not only adds function, but also creates a trendy atmosphere within the entire bathroom.  Additionally, the overall comfort of the cleansing seat is astounding.  The adjustable, heated seat brings luxury amenities and relaxation to an often-overlooked area of the home. 

         The bidet is most certainly a representation of the zeitgeist of current trends.  Western homeowners are now modeling their spaces after European and Japanese architecture, including the bidet.  What’s not to love about a bidet, particularly KOHLER’s latest innovation?  They reduce mess and waste, and increase hygiene and style.  There are thousands of ways to update your home or office and turn it into a modern, functional space.  Do yourself a favor and don’t neglect your bathroom.  Toilet innovations are on the rise, and the KOHLER Cleansing Seat is leading the way. 

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