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Metal Panels Help High-Design Hotel Meet Budget in Tukwila, Washington

by Rob Heselbarth, director of communications, Petersen Aluminum Corporation

When plans were being developed for the new Hotel Interurban in Tukwila, Washington, modern and contemporary were aesthetic traits high on the list, given the region’s tech-focused economy.  Asian and Native American references also were important, to reflect the region’s cultural heritage.  For the exterior, all of this translated into a palette of gray and tan earth tones that contrast against each other in patterns that emphasize the building’s squared-off lines.

         Initially, designers with Group West Architecture, Seattle, Washington, had specified a fiber-cement product as their cladding of choice for the entire façade, but those plans were reconsidered due to budget concerns.  That’s when the team at AMS, Enumclaw, Washington, a distributor of high-performance exterior building materials, came up with the suggestion of PAC-CLAD® Precision Series HWP panels from Petersen as a cost-effective way to stretch the budget further without compromising the design.  The revised plan uses the texture variations between the fiber cement and metal panels to emphasize the contrasting blocks of color. 

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         “We were the ones that brought this high-quality PAC-CLAD product to the project,” said Tamara Lally, the AMS project manager on the job.  She noted this high-profile project provided PAC-CLAD with a company first in the Seattle region.  “It was the first big project using the HWP panels in the Pacific Northwest, and it went really well.”

         Petersen proved to be a helpful partner as the architects explored the options the company offered.  In all, 77,260 sq.ft. of .24-gauge aluminum HWP panels were specified, in sandstone, bone white, charcoal, and slate gray finishes.

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         “Petersen performed at a very high level,” Lally said.  “The owner and architect were very happy.  We were able to provide colors that were compatible with the fiber cement, so it’s a seamless look.  Also, we didn’t have to do anything custom because everything was available.”

         The Interurban’s general manager, Mike West, said the exterior is a great fit with the hotel’s overall branding.  “Our primary message to guests is that we are a hub for their Seattle experience, as we are urban and modern with hints of Pacific Northwest and Asian influences,” he expressed.  “The exterior speaks to that with a modern design and use of different colors and material styles, and with different geometric shapes incorporated into it.”

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