Air Barrier Solutions

         Dörken Systems Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance air and moisture barriers, has introduced a new WRB and air barrier solution for open-joint cladding systems that meets the industry’s most stringent standards.  Offered alongside DELTA®-FASSADE S, the new DELTA-FASSADE SA is a four-layer, self-adhered air and water-resistive barrier with UV stability to ensure product performance and longevity.

         Open-joint cladding design elements are being applied by the world’s most advanced building professionals designing some of the most cutting-edge buildings.  However, they require extra attention to manage the infiltration of exterior weather.  While enhancing the visual aesthetics of a building, this design can expose structural components within the wall to wind, water, and sun, ultimately jeopardizing building performance if not properly protected.

         Offering a hybrid between the industry-proven DELTA-VENT SA and DELTA-FASSADE S, new DELTA-FASSADE SA has two outer layers that are made of a high-strength, spun-bonded polypropylene fabric thermally bonded to a highly vapor permeable, watertight polymeric middle layer, along with a highly UV-resistant acrylic coating on top.

         With the introduction of new DELTA-FASSADE SA, Dörken now offers the full open-joint solution for buildings.  Leveraging the extensive research, trialing, and testing that went into the development of DELTA-FASSADE S, DELTA-FASSADE SA provides the same superior ability to protect buildings, resist UV rays, maintain the integrity of the insulation underneath, and complement any open-joint cladding design.  The inherent air and water tightness of the product protects building enclosures from air leakage and water penetration, even amidst harsh weather and wind-driven rain.  Because the product is fully adhered, lateral movement of air and water is eliminated.

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