Rainscreen QuickClips

         ExoClad® Rainscreen QuickClips™ were especially-developed by Nova USA Wood Products to accommodate the natural swelling and shrinkage of wood siding throughout each of the four seasons.  This includes expanding when the wood swells and compressing back into its original form when the woods dries out and shrinks, to prevent the siding from buckling or the clip from breaking. 

         Natural wood siding is subject to expansion and contraction in the width of the boards as a result of seasonal humidity.  In fact, typical siding boards can swell up to 1/8” during hot, rainy months.  ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClips respond to this natural swelling and shrinkage in the widths of individual boards by compressing to absorb the expansion.  When the wood dries out, the spring clip will then move the boards back into place, centered perfectly, and securely fastened to the side of the structure. 

         Designed with marine-grade extruded aluminum and fastened with #10 pan head screws, ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClips work equally well with hardwood and softwood siding.  Unlike many other wood siding fastening systems, they also provide a 3/4” stand-off from the structure and can be drilled right into the studs over the house-wrap.  This eliminates the added need to buy, cut, and install furring strips, while ensuring fast, easy installations.


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