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Glass Rainscreen System for Luxury Home in Manhattan Beach, California

by Ali Turner, editorial assistant

If you walk the streets of Manhattan Beach, California, a cozy, coastal town with more than two miles of beaches, you’ll come across an assortment of luxury boutique hotels and five-star dining establishments.  Chances are they are owned by the Zislis Group, a purveyor of unparalleled food, drink, and other hospitality accommodations in the area.  Being an expert in curating inviting, memorable spaces, Michael Zislis, the owner of the Zislis Group, knew exactly what he wanted when it came time to build his new home in Manhattan Beach.

         The 4,500 sq.ft. home sits just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean and is a masterpiece in design, featuring an indoor/outdoor pool, gym, theater, brewery, and an exterior fireplace.  As a designer and frequent entertainer, Zislis knew the exterior façade was one of the most important design elements of the home.  Driven by a very specific aesthetic vision, Zislis specifically requested StoVentec™ Glass from Sto Corp. for his dream home.  It was actually a chance encounter that helped him make his decision.

All photos courtesy of Sto Corp.

         Patrick Tasson, western regional sales manager at Sto, went to Germany as part of the company’s Rainscreen® training for architects.  While there, he gave a presentation to the Zislis Group, and it was then that Michael Zislis recognized that he wanted StoVentec Glass on his new home that was being designed and built.  The home-design specification was then changed to include StoVentec Glass Rainscreen, and one year later the project came to fruition.

         Sto Corp. produces a broad range of advanced cladding, air moisture barrier, and coatings systems that deliver energy efficiency and superior aesthetics for building construction, maintenance, and restoration.  Sto Corp. is committed to developing next-generation building solutions, and the company’s employees are advocates for technical mastery in pursuit of a sustainable built environment.  The manufacturer’s wall systems, coatings, and finishes have been the choice of leading architects, engineers, and contractors for 61 years. 

         StoVentec ventilated rainscreen cladding systems provide superior weathertightness, thermal performance, and fire protection, all in a single solution.  StoVentec Glass, the product used for the Zislis residence, applies the versatility and visual appeal of glass to a rain screen cladding system, creating even more possibilities for designers and architects to put their signature on the exterior wall of a structure.

         Key components of the system include a Sto AirSeal® air and moisture barrier that provides single-source, continuous, fully integrated air and moisture protection.  The system incorporates thermal insulation in the form of noncombustible mineral wool.  The insulation thickness can be varied to meet design and thermal requirements.  StoVentro™ Sub-construction is an adjustable, thermally efficient structural system of brackets, rails, fasteners, and accessories for StoVentec Systems and other rainscreen wall cladding assemblies.  It is adjustable to compensate for uneven substrates and provide flush transitions between different claddings.

         StoVentec Carrier Board, an expanded glass bead composite board that combines light weight with high strength, stiffness, and flexibility is also a key component of the cladding system.  Additionally, it features 96% recycled content.  Furthermore, the StoVentec Carrier Board Panel assembly features durable, heat-soaked glass that is permanently bonded to StoVentec Carrier Board.  The StoVentec Glass manufacturing process permanently fuses colors onto the back of each glass panel.  Solid colors or custom-printed images can be applied.  The glass is then fully bonded to the proprietary carrier board and the end result is a strong, hard, long-lasting panel that looks impeccable. 

         For its seaside locale, the Zislis residence benefits tremendously from the durable, opaque, glass-faced panels, thermal insulation, sub-construction, and a continuous air and moisture barrier.  In addition to delivering stunning curb appeal, StoVentec Glass conforms with United States code requirements for use on noncombustible construction, for air leakage resistance, and for water resistance.

         The Zislis residence features 900 sq.ft. of pastel blue, light blue, and azure blue panels.  “The multiple-sized panels of StoVentec Glass in varying shades of blue provide a unique appearance for a residential home,” expressed Tasson.  “Because the product is tempered glass, it maintains reflective properties for a dazzling, durable exterior finish.” 

         From start to finish, the project took about four months, and it was the first StoVentec Rainscreen project on the West Coast of the United States.  The product was custom-made in Germany, which took around 12 weeks, and then was shipped to California.

         “Architecturally, the exterior is the signature of the house,” said Tasson.  “The owner wanted his home to convey the wow factor and StoVentec Glass delivered on that design vision.”

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