Deck Tool

         The innovators at CAMO® know that you don’t have time to wrestle with deck boards because time is precious during installation and crews are getting smaller.  Not to mention the strain on the body and potential board damage.  As part of the CAMO experience that delivers ease, efficiency, and profitability, CAMO LEVER™ is the only tool needed to bend, straighten, or align deck boards to speed up installation.  In fact, contractors can build decks up to 5X times faster when they use LEVER with other CAMO innovations like the versatile DRIVE™ stand-up tool for any decking and CAMO EDGE Clip for grooved boards. 

         LEVER is all about freedom during installation.  Without time-consuming set-up, the unique LEVER tool sets in one turn to lock boards in place for fastening with no strain, no hassle.  When combined with CAMO EDGE Clips, LEVER speeds up grooved decking installations by locking multiple rows of boards and clips in place for quick fastening.  The compact LEVER is also strong enough to straighten any warped board.  Smaller crews are not a problem because LEVER eliminates the need to have someone holding boards, or a tool, in place.  Lay your boards down, lock them in place with LEVER, and you are free to fasten.  The timing of the LEVER launch aligns with the need for one or two-person installation that allows social distancing on the jobsite to protect worker safety. 

         The versatile LEVER tool adjusts to single, double, and even steel joists and keeps spacing between boards consistent, which, for the discerning deck builder, adds to the beauty of a fastener-free surface.  For the best installation experience, lock in a whole field of boards using 2–3 LEVERS across the length of the deck.

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