Smoke Detectors

         Today, the owners of a growing number of non-standard building designs like museums, arenas, stadiums, and structures with atria or large open spaces, are turning to performance-based design for substantial cost savings and enhanced safety while maintaining architectural concerns.  Chief among the challenges of protecting theaters, sports arenas, shopping malls, and airport terminals, as well as many structures with entrance lobbies or atria, are massive open spaces where rapid smoke detection has proven to be difficult, but is of critical importance.  Detection is further complicated when air can become stratified, caught in voids, or is moved or removed by HVAC systems. 

         For these challenging projects, industry professionals are turning to performance-based smoke detection and advanced aspirating smoke detector technology that draws in air and tests it at a central unit to detect smoke at the earliest possible stage from flexibly placed, concealable sampling points.  The technology, called VESDA-E VEA, is manufactured by Xtralis®, a global provider of early detection of fire and gas threats.  The air is analyzed using sophisticated laser-based technology at the central unit located within 300’.

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