Color Collection

         Sherwin-Williams® has announced its new Fluropon® Metal Trends Color Collection featuring eight curated color families: gold and brass, bronze, silver and nickel, blackened steel, copper, steel, zinc, and anodized.  All of the colors in this collection mimic the classic aesthetic of natural and anodized metals with the long-lasting performance of its flagship Fluropon architectural coating system for architectural metal products.

         For projects seeking a pre-weathered, pre-patina appearance without waiting for the metal to naturally age, the Fluropon Metal Trends Color Collection includes such unique options as antique copper print, weathered steel print, and weathered zinc print.  Unlike actual rusted, weathered metal that potentially can damage surrounding building materials and products, painted finishes provide a consistent appearance and reliable, durable performance.

Architect: Burnidge Cassell Associates, Elgin, IL Site: Judson University Elgin, Illinois Photographer: B Starrenburg/Lightbox Digital Studio, 80 Industrial Drive,Gilberts, IL 60136 847-551-9931

         For more than 50 years, Fluropon high-performance coil and extrusion coating systems have been showcased on commercial and monumental building projects across the world.  Typical applications include metal wall panels, façade systems, roofing, louvers, soffits, fascia, sunshades, curtain wall, storefront, skylights, and window and door framing members.  Fluropon provides an economical option to the premium prices of real copper, gold, and brass.  Along with mimicking the look of these metals, Fluropon conceals the defects and blemishes in recycled metal used to support sustainable design goals.

         Demonstrating its enduring appearance and performance, Fluropon’s 70% polyvinylidene fluoride resin-based architectural coatings meet or exceed the industry’s most rigorous testing standards, including AAMA 2605 requirements.  In addition to its color and gloss retention, Fluropon is verified to resist dirt, stains, and chemicals, and to protect against corrosion, rust, and degradation.  The coating undergoes accelerated laboratory testing and natural, long-term weather testing to ensure its longevity and durability.  Upholding reliable quality and performance, Fluropon products are applied in-factory by approved coil coaters and extrusion applicators for batch-to-batch color consistency and uniformity.  Should the finished material become damaged after installation, touch-up solutions are available.

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