Modern Mission

Insulated Metal Panels for Prep School in Antioch, California

by Amanda Storer, director brand marketing, Metl-Span

Design of the new Rocketship Delta Prep School in Antioch, California, focused on being a modern interpretation of the local Spanish mission elements, keeping in mind the goal to be a Net-Zero Energy building.  Key to achieving the goals of the design team were insulated metal panels from Metl-Span®, which offer high R-value, recyclability, and extensive color and embossing options.

         The two-story building is located at the front of a 1.7-acre site, leaving the back and side areas open for a play structure, soccer field, basketball court, lunch shelter, and learning garden boxes.  Other design features were the perforated ribbed metal panels and wooden slats outside the second floor to provide some privacy for students, as well as some shade to reduce solar heat gain and glare into the building.  Also counting toward the Net-Zero Energy scoring were solar panels installed on the roof, a highly efficient HVAC system, and efficient lighting.

         “We’ve used insulated metal panels on a number of school projects,” said Nathan Swift, AIA, CASp, principal at SwiftLee Office in Pasadena, California.  “Usually, we use them in conjunction with pre-engineered steel framing, but this project was a site-built steel frame building.  We adapted the panels to work with the site-built system.  We’ve used insulated metal panels on a number of school projects like this.  They go in quickly, they reduce thermal bridging because they’re installed outside the framing, and they help us achieve desired R-value.  We also like that the framing and metal panels are produced from recycled content and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.”

         The design called for a variety of color and finish options with just more than 31,000 sq.ft. of insulated metal panels, installed by Hilbers Inc. of Yuba City, California.  These colors included polar white, silver metallic, tundra on a mesa finish, and snow white on an architectural flat finish.  The interior panels were either light mesa in igloo white or mesa in polar white.

         “Insulated metal panels provide a high R-value with a neat, clean look on the interior and exterior,” sayid Nick Hilbers, Pre-engineered Division of Hilbers Inc.  “They also provide for faster construction and installation.  Like all projects, it seems, we were under a tight deadline.  That benefit from IMPs, coupled with our experience with pre-engineered metal buildings and IMPs, went a long way to helping us make the deadline.”

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