Sun Shades

         Offering more options for daylighting and shading strategies on commercial buildings, Tubelite® Inc. has introduced MaxBlock® Single Blade Sun Shades with a single, horizontal, airfoil-shaped blade in 6” and 9” depths, and widths spanning up to 149”.  This new design expands the MaxBlock Sun Shades by Tubelite line of multi-blade airfoil, tubular, and Z blade sun control product selections.

         Sun shades contribute to managing solar heat gain by shading vision glass, while allowing natural light into the building envelope without obscuring the view.  This helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature for building occupants and minimizes glare on screens and monitors, along with the associated eyestrain.  For building owners, reducing solar heat gain and the corresponding HVAC demands increases the opportunity to save on utility costs with energy-efficient performance.

         Tubelite’s MaxBlock Sun Shades can be manufactured with recycled aluminum content.  The products’ many attributes support projects seeking certification through United States Green Building Council’s LEED® rating systems, and other performance-based environmental and wellness programs.  Protecting the aluminum and enhancing the building’s design, the sun shades can be finished in choice of durable anodize, colorful painted coatings, or simulated woodgrain powdercoat.

         The large horizontal airfoil blades’ aerodynamic design directs wind and water out and away from the building.  They span up to 96” un-spliced, and spliced, up to 149”.  Engineered for easy installation, the two-piece bracket fastens at the pressure plate area and can be detached in individual sections to accommodate future reglazing applications.  The sun shades conveniently integrate with Tubelite storefront and 400 Series curtainwall systems, and complement interior aLuminate™ Light Shelves.

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