Wall System

         Hunter Panels is expanding its portfolio of polyiso wall solutions with the addition of the Hunter Xci AEGIS Wall System™.  The new exterior wall system pairs polyiso continuous insulation with a weather resistive barrier (WRB) to increase building envelope performance while simplifying jobsite demands.  A single-source solution, the Hunter Panels’ system provides protection against the elements, high-thermal efficiency, and NFPA 285 compliance all in one quality assembly. 

         The system’s Xci composite polyiso panels attach to a structural base wall, including fire-retardant treated wood, steel stud, concrete, or CMU, in order to effectively support the cladding system.  The WRB is then applied directly on top of the Xci composite polyiso panels, protecting all seams and fastener penetrations from the elements. 

         The multi-functionality of materials provides professionals with a complete solution for insulation, backing, and weather resistance.  This in turn reduces the number of trips around a building typically associated with the installation of an exterior wall system.  Moreover, Hunter Panels’ strategic systemization ensures all materials are compatible and able to perform key functions within the wall assembly. 

         This new exterior wall system utilizes Hunter Panels’ composite polyiso products to provide continuous insulation and thermal efficiency.  Users can select Hunter Xci Ply, Xci Ply Class A, or Xci NB depending on the classification of their building type.  The self-adhering Xci VP-SA WRB then serves as the system’s secondary component, providing critical defense against air and water intrusion.

         Hunter Panels, a manufacturer of polyisocyanurate insulation, offers a wide range of roof and wall insulation products under the Hunter Panels and Hunter Xci brand names.  Headquartered in Portland, Maine, Hunter operates seven state-of-the-art polyiso manufacturing plants in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Utah, and Washington.


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