Contemporary Stone

         Cultured Stone®, the company that pioneered the manufactured stone veneer category, has introduced echo ridge for its Sculpted Ashlar profile.  Echo Ridge, a featured color palette for several Cultured Stone profiles, uses muted tawny undertones and hints of copper to offset the clean lines of the Sculpted Ashlar profile for a contemporary feel that brings warmth into any space.

         Sculpted Ashlar provides a modern touch to classic charm, utilizing mixed stone sizes to bring natural warmth to interiors and exteriors.  The precise lines in between each stone make the profile an ideal choice for sleeker spaces.  The stones that compose the profile range in size, starting at 2-1/4” high and extending to 20-1/2” long.

         In addition to echo ridge, the profile is available in three other color palettes, including: silver shore, which features light tones of green and gray; grouse, which incorporates medium tones of tan and brown; and ferrous, which was crafted to match the blue tint of shaped iron with dark tones of carbon blue, charcoal, and copper.  The echo ridge color palette is part of several Cultured Stone profiles, including Dressed Fieldstone, Country Ledgestone, and Southern Ledgestone.

         For more than 55 years, Cultured Stone has produced stone and brick veneers of the highest quality for interior applications, such as fireplace surrounds and kitchen backsplashes, or exterior accents.  Backed by a 50-year limited warranty, Cultured Stone products are engineered to meet the strictest requirements in the industry and contain an average of 50% pre-consumer recycled content.

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