Steel Window

         EFCO™ Corporation has introduced its new 590X Steel Replica Window, helping buildings enhance their appearance with historically inspired profiles and narrow sightlines, while improving their performance with modern, energy-efficient glass and durable aluminum framing.  The 590X Steel Replica Window replicates the look of a classic, industrial steel window in a choice of three standard profiles, bevel, cove, and t-grid, or in made-to-order options.  When retrofitting historic buildings, customizable muntins allow building owners to easily and economically match existing sightlines.  Finishes also can be specified with different colors on the exterior and interior to complete the desired architectural aesthetic.

         The 590X Steel Replica Window is well suited for new construction or renovation of mid-rise buildings such as schools, universities, student residences, courthouses, hospitals, offices, retailers, and historic properties.  EFCO collaborated with Apogee Renovation to develop the 590X Steel Replica Window in response to market research and based on input from glazing contractors, façade consultants, architects, owners, and the National Park Service and Historic Preservation.

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