Perforated Aluminum

         Lorin Industries, Inc., a global provider and producer of coil anodized aluminum, has announced that its perforated anodized aluminum sheet and coil products are available in a range of perforation patterns and percentages in order to meet the unique needs of architectural and construction projects.  Lorin recently released a new perforation pattern, which falls into the circular collection and is Pattern #119, with .188” round holes x .313” center on 60° staggered center. 

         This pattern falls between Lorin’s #111 pattern with .094” round holes, and Lorin’s #121 pattern with .121” holes.  Lorin’s pattern numbers are numerical, with the higher the pattern number the larger the hole size.  Lorin chose to offer a new pattern to meet the market demand, which chooses circular patterns as by far the most popular pattern.  Perforated anodized aluminum is commonly used for aesthetic appeal, as well as functionality, including for façades on parking garages, or façades where ventilation and light are needed.  Lorin has eight other perforated patterns that are both circular and square and also offers custom patterns to meet the particular design requirements of designers and architects.  Lorin also enables customers to select the percentage openness of the perforated metal to further refine the product to each project’s unique needs.

         Offered in a variety of colors and finishes, perforated anodized aluminum delivers functionality, superior durability, and excellent aesthetics.  The cost-effective coil anodizing process protects the aluminum while also improving its aesthetic properties and durability.  Though other metals can be perforated, anodized aluminum is typically specified for the building construction industry because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, light weight, recyclability, corrosion resistance, and more.  What’s more, unlike other sheets that are anodized then perforated, Lorin coil anodizes its aluminum sheets after they have been perforated.  This is done to protect the inside edges of the perforations and to ensure that color is consistent throughout the entire perforated anodized sheet, including inside the holes. 

         Lorin Industries, Inc., has provided coil anodized aluminum to markets worldwide for over 60 years.  Our history of global leadership in anodized aluminum finishing for architectural markets began with bringing the process to market in 1953, and continues today.  Lorin has worked with some of the world’s foremost architects, designers, and fabricators to create new and exciting building designs that last throughout generations.

         Whether used for exterior wall cladding systems, roofing systems, sunscreens, interior panels, or decorative interior applications, the possibilities for coil anodized aluminum are infinite.  The natural beauty of Lorin’s anodized aluminum finishes brings newly constructed and renovated buildings to life, while providing a strong durable surface that will never chip, flake, or peel.  Additionally, Lorin’s coil anodized aluminum products have been used for automotive, transportation, consumer appliances, and any number of other industries, with the same excellent aesthetics and durability long proven in architectural applications.

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