Notre-Dame Fundraising

The Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris was established in 2017 to support efforts to restore the cathedral. On April 15, 2019, the scope of its mission drastically grew when fire broke out, destroying the spire and most of the roof. Firefighters were able to save the main structure including the bell towers and rose windows, and the cathedral’s relics and priceless works of art were rescued and brought to safety.

The Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris’ mission now includes rebuilding Notre-Dame as well as restoring and preserving the cathedral and its treasures. The group has launched a new donor engagement platform to renew public interest and investment. 

On this new interactive website, donors can engage with specific cathedral artifacts saved from the blaze and choose ones they wish to invest in restoring. Each artifact is a “piece of the puzzle” awaiting restoration, and each has a unique history and story. Visitors to the site can learn about the history and cultural relevance of each piece, and earmark donations toward individual pieces or towards the cathedral’s restoration as a whole.

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