Air Purification

         AirQuality Technology (AQT), a provider of air purification solutions, has announced the launch of its line of indoor air purifiers built with the company’s proprietary MESP® technology for the North American market.  On the heels of surging demand and an independent research study that verified AQT’s Sterilizing Air Purifiers with MESP technology’s ability to kill 99.99% of COVID-19 virus, the company is expanding its distributor network for their proven solutions already embraced by tens of thousands of businesses and homeowners around the world.

         AQT’s products, available as free-standing units as well as MESP filters for current HVAC systems, are in use at a large number of projects globally, such as within residential buildings, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, factories, hotels, hospitals, schools, municipal facilities, train stations, and more. 

         AQT’s line of commercial MESP Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifiers will be the first products available for North America.  These purifiers clean indoor air by working with a building’s HVAC system to effectively remove PM2.5 particles, pollen, and other pollutants.  They also disinfect by killing bacteria and viruses to deliver quality, healthy air.  They are designed for use in both new construction and retrofit projects. 

         AQT’s proprietary MESP is a new-generation air-purification technology.  Its unique particle collection filter is an innovative dielectric with an intense electrical field, which enables the removal of even the tiniest particles with the lowest possible pressure drop.  The filter’s dielectric material prevents current from flowing between electrodes even though an intense electric field is generated.  AQT’s MESP technology features a unique volt-ampere characteristic curve, meaning the current gets smaller even as the voltage increases, which prevents potential dangers of electrode damage and electric shock, which are typical disadvantages of traditional ESP technology.

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