Handmade Brick

         Cultured StoneĀ®, the company that pioneered the manufactured stone veneer category, has introduces carbon, a rich gray color palette, to its Handmade Brick profile.  The new hue provides a contemporary color option with subtle shifts of light and dark tones to emphasize the enduring charm and texture of hand-formed bricks.  The saturated palette is ideal for designers, builders, and other specifiers looking to incorporate the timeless character of brick in a variety of modern spaces.

         Inspired by the warmth of aged brick structures from the American East Coast, Handmade Brick from Cultured Stone is lightweight and allows for quick and easy installation.  In addition to the color tones present on each brick surface, the profile also utilizes contrasting grout lines to infuse spaces with a touch of drama and added visual interest.  Handmade Brick is currently available in these additional color palettes: canvas, Moroccan sand, and titanium.


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