Replacement Windows

The Fenestration Manufacturers Association, the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance, and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association have released a new document focused on replacement windows.  Guidelines for the Full Frame Replacement of Windows without Removal of Exterior Brick Veneer, covers the replacement of windows in residential and light commercial buildings of not more than three stories above grade in height, utilizing a membrane/drainage system, a surface barrier drainage, or a wall system without a reliable membrane drainage system.  This new document is focused on the full frame replacement without removal of external brick veneer.  This document describes methods where the cavity between the wall and fa├žade needs to be blocked and sealed.

         Per the guidelines, a preliminary site inspection should be conducted prior to the start of the replacement project to identify any conditions that may impact building envelope performance.  It is the responsibility of the installer to determine if this document is applicable to the replacement project, though the assistance of a design professional may be necessary if the existing water management system is found to be defective or inefficient.  This guideline does not address any water management concerns beyond the window installation.

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