Metal Products Book

         Do you wish you had a single source for everything you ever wanted to know about Steelscape products?  Well, look no further than The Steelscape Green Book, the definitive resource for pre-painted and coated Steelscape metal products.  Available for download on the Steelscape website, consumers can get answer to questions about pre-painted metal and coil coatings, as well as learn common terms used in selecting pre-painted or coated metal.  Other resources in The Steelscape Green Book include performance data, in-depth looks at each products, warranty information, common questions and answers, and more.

         Steelscape is a national supplier of coated metal used in the construction industry.  Our products create a wide range of finished products including, metal roofing and siding, decking, and framing.  Our capabilities encompass the entire coating process, from metallic-coating or corrosion-resistant coating to painting, ensuring quality, consistency, and on-time delivery for customers.  With extensive prototyping and development capabilities, Steelscape continuously evolves the color and finish options available for the design community.  Our innovative products, such as Vintage® and the Eternal Collection®, continue to transform roof and wall surfaces throughout the United States.

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